In her recently graduated studies at the University of the Arts Bremen in the field of „integrated design“ she focused on the topics of local infrastructure, creative exchange, as well as related social, economic, ecological and design issues.

As part of her bachelor thesis, she founded the collaborative „InterAktiv“ together with Famkje Elgersma, which promotes the interaction of people in and with their environment through design interventions. Her approach is to encourage participants in workshops to participate in the design of public spaces using playful methods.

Since the end of 2021, she has been trying her hand as junior curator of the HYDROSPHERE project as part of „Kunstprojekt Marburg 800 Jahre“ and continues to accompany the realization of the art projects Kunst.Labor.Stadt.Platz. on Marburg’s Rudolfsplatz.

Projects: HYDROSPHERE + .KLSP Studio

Contact: Sarah-Lea()