Celica Fitz (she/her) is a curator and interdisciplinary researcher on contemporary art and culture, currently working in the curatorial team of Studio Bettina Pelz. Until 2022, she worked as a research associate and lecturer at University of Marburg organizing conferences, workshops and academic publications as well as curating site specific projects, performances and exhibitions with contemporary art. In 2022 she wrote and created for Media Art Friesland Leeuwarden.nl, Interference International Light Art Festical Tunis.tn, .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ Marburg.de, and ARCADE at the Pitcairn Museum of Contemporary Art Groningen.nl.

Her research in art history is focused on modern and contemporary art as well as museology and the analysis of exhibitions as producers of artistic, curatorial and scientific knowledge. Also graduated in the Study of Religion she is interested in how individual worldviews are materialized, reflected or constructed within art. She explores this field in practice by curating and theoretically in her interdisciplinary Ph.D in Museology and Art History at Neuchâtel.ch and in the Study of Religions at Marburg.de.

In the .KLSP project she currently works in the curatorial collective, co-developing ideas for art projects and exhibitions. Together with Bettina Pelz he hosts the website and writes curatorial texts. She writes about contemporary art, interviews artists and curators. She co-coordinates the DIVERSITY VISITS and ACCEPT – ALLOW – AGREE art mediation events and workshops focussing diversity in the arts and research. The series engages queer art and curating, both cooperating with local art institutions and museums and discussing the topic with an international team of curators, researchers, activists and artists from Leeuwarden and Groningen.nl, Tunis and Sfax.tn as well as Strážná.cz.

As a curator, researcher and author she is interested in intersections: junctions of art and sciences; exchange with different disciplines; combining ways of thinking, seeing and displaying; exchanging international perspectives and the plurality of processes of meaning-making in contemporary art and exhibitions.

Lives, works, studies and researches in Germany and Switzerland.


Since 2022 | Neuchâtel.ch, Université de Neuchâtel, Institut d’histoire de l’art et de muséologie, Doctoral Student
Since 2022 | Marburg.de, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Fachgebiet Gesellschaftswissenschaften und Philosophie, Religionswissenschaft, Doctoral Student
MA Kunstgeschichte | MA Religionswissenschaft | BA Kunstgeschichte


List of Publications on Contemporary Art, Aesthetics of Religion and Exhibitions on Research Gate >


2017-22: Marburg.de, LSA Exhibition Series >
2022: Köln.de, Re:mixed, Gudrun Barenbrock >
2022: Tunis.tn, Interference. International Light Art Festival >
2022: Leeuwarden.nl, Media Art Friesland, LUNA, Programme on Curatorial Writing >
2022: Marburg.de, .KLSP Website, Social Media, PR


2022 | Marburg.de, Rudolphsplatz, Curatorial Collective, .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ >
2021 | Digital, Curatorial Collective LSA, Tizian Baldinger: LOVE ME >
2019 | Marburg.de, Old University, Library and Church, Axel Malik: Unendliches Alphabet >
2019 | Erfurt.de, Kirchbautag, Protestant Church of Germany in Cooperation with Institute for Church Architecture and Contemporary Art >
2017 | Wittenberg.de, Summer School with the Faculties of Architecture of München.de, Kaiserslautern.de, Dresden.de >
2015-2018 | Marburg.de, Religionskundliche Sammlung/Museum of Religions, SinnRäume  >


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